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A real-time, hands-on SONAR principles trainer, which can be used in hydrography training labs, and university marine engineering labs.

The AST Acoustic Tank and the control Console have been re-designed, with the addition of a 500Ms/s Sonar Signal Analyzer.

Dual frequency transducers are a new add-on option.


The Acoustic Underwater Development Instrument (A.U.D.I) was designed for laboratory work at the request of University marine engineering departments, and Oceanographic underwater research establishments. The A.U.D.I provides access to a wide range of transducer drive signals which can be preset (Cal), or continuously variable (Var).


iTP are proud to be the official UK supplier of TiePie engineering's Multi Channel Oscilloscopes.

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Primary Radar Engineering Program (PREP), helps teach the basics of Radar through computer based training and simulation.

Our lessons are designed to assist with the training of Radar technicians, engineers and operators without the need of using real Radar equipment. PREP uses standard displays and Radar signal processing techniques, which help to familiarize the students with typical modern pulsed Radar Systems.


The Radar Training System, Phased Array Antenna, Target Tracker and EW Trainer, are all real-time, no simulation. Allowing students to perform hands-on exercises, with interactive tracking and EW scenarios, using passive and active targets, with PC interface.

8 - 10 GHz operational frequency.

Less than 1 nano sec PW.


In-house or Virtual (Internet) training courses hosted via Microsoft Teams, are being designed for a selection of technology subjects including -

  • Basic Radar Principles

  • Basic SONAR Principles

  • Basic Antenna Principles