WiFiScope Oscilloscope


WiFiScope advantages

  • Wireless measurements using WiFi and built-in battery with UPS functionality (uninterruptable power supply)

  • Mobile measurements are possible, e.g. on transport systems or moving installations

  • Network and internet measurements are available for long distance measurements

  • Continuous live streaming measurements over WiFi, network, internet and USB

  • Galvanic isolated measurements, no physical connection to the PC required

  • Differential or single-ended inputs

  • USB measurements for stand-alone applications and real time high speed transient recording up to 200 MSa/s

  • Easy WiFi setup, connect to an existing WiFi network in a few clicks

  • Auto discovery, no need to enter IP addresses

  • SDK with many examples for easily integrating the WiFiScope in other applications

WiFiScope software

Using the powerfull Multi Channel oscilloscope software the WiFiScope can be used as oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, data logger, multimeter, Arbitrary Waveform Generator and protocol analyzer. The software includes more than 700 quick setups that configure the WiFiScope in a single click to perform the measurement. The Quick Setups are carefully organized in a tree structure, ordered by application. Just a few mouse clicks allow to perform a complex measurement.

WiFiScope connectivity

Connect direct to PC/Laptop using USB 3.0

Connect to local WiFi network

Connect via local network

Stand alone WiFi network for field operation

Connect via internet to a remote location

WiFiScope battery

Using the built-in battery the WiFiScope can measure for hours without external power supply. When measuring on battery power and connected though WiFi, you have the best galvanic isolation. Also the battery has a UPS functionality to continue measuring at power loss.

WiFiScope key specs

2 or 4 channels Differential or single-ended inputs Up to 1 GSa/s sampling

Up to 200 MSa/s streaming Up to 256 Mpts data buffer 250 MHz bandwidth

Low noise / High resolution High accuracy Arbitrary Waveform Generator

For more information, contact TiePie engineering (UK).