PC Based Radar Trainer

PC Based Generic Radar Training System

This new version of the CBT Radar Training System is still the only real-time radar trainer that operates safely inside a classroom or lab - demonstrating that the technical advancement achieved by this system has been unequalled since 1990. The system's recent upgrade through the addition of PC based software control of the radar's processing and display functions ensure it will continue to be a leading-edge pedagogical product for many years to come.

The complete Generic Radar Training System consists of six subsystems:

  1. The Basic Radar Training System is a complete set of Hardware, Software CBT courseware, and all necessary accessories such as targets and interconnecting cables that allow the Radar Principles of Pulse, CW Doppler, and FM-CW systems to be studied.

  2. The Radar Processor/Display is used in conjunction with the Basic Radar Training System to form a complete, modern Pulse Radar system including radar echo signal processing functions, (CFAR, FTC, STC, IAGC) PPI display functions, on-screen block diagrams of the complete radar and radar processor/display subsystem, with computer-based instruments.

  3. The Radar Target Tracking System is an add-on option to the pulse radar implemented with the Basic Radar Training System and the Radar Processor/Display. It forms continuous tracking radar that can track a passive or active target moving in the classroom or laboratory.

  4. The Radar Active Target (RAT) Training System add-on option is used in conjunction with the three previous subsystems to train students in the principles and scenarios of Electronic Warfare (EW). The RAT training system places real-time, safe, and unclassified EW demonstrations into the hands of students. The system includes an active jamming pod trainer, an elaborate set of accessories, and a comprehensive student manual.

  5. The RCS and ISAR Measurement Training System add-on option is a sophisticated, pulse-mode, radar cross-section (RCS) measurement training system with inverse synthetic-aperture radar (ISAR) imagery capability, specifically designed for operation at close range.

  6. The Radar Phased Array Antenna Trainer add-on option provides students with training in the principles of electronically steered antennas. The trainer includes a phased array antenna, a beam-steering control module, and all necessary cables.